Earthenware Candles

Earthenware Candles

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Earthenware candles

Set of 4 different colored candles

Each Hand-poured into a handmade earthenware Arabic tea cup. Remember you are buying one of a kind piece - non is identical same as sand.

These candle presents a sleek piece of décor for any room of your house and an enriching aroma to go along with it.

Each item:

Ghorub ( Coconut & Vanilla ) : An inviting blend of soft coconut with bold vanilla. ( WARM)

Shrouk ( Wood & Ginger ) : A sophisticated essence of sun warmed wood resting on ginger. ( SWEET WARM)

Bahr ( Lime ) : Freshly handpicked lemons ( FRESH )

Cotn ( cotton ) : A joyful aroma of Egyptian cotton ( Calming)

Kettan ( Linen ) : A calming scent of soothing soft linen ( Cleanness )