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About Us

PIECES was founded in 2012 with the original mission of bringing luxury Saudi items to the forefront of the market.

As a family business, PIECES aims to bring love and affection to homes through statement pieces that tell a family’s story. Originally curating Saudi brands, PIECES eventually expanded to include the world’s top designers and their spectacular PIECES. 

Hand-selecting each piece from local and global artists, PIECES has curated a breathtaking collection of furniture and home accessories, paying attention to each small detail. It’s not only about the final product but about the process. The search, delivery, presentation, customer interaction with each item and finally finding its way to its perfect home. This is what makes PIECES unique. 

PIECES’ number one goal has always been to give the ultimate customer experience. We work directly with each client to find the most suitable PIECES for her home until it tells the desired story.

Join us at PIECES to bring luxury and glamour into your home. 

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